Create Permissionless Leverage

The days of asking for permission, submitting resumes, and requiring degrees are over.

The world is changing at record speed.

Instead of focusing on collecting credentials, build skills.

Find out what the market wants and show up with proof of work.

For example, a year ago, there were few jobs available for solidity programmers. Today, they are one of the highest-paid roles on the market.

People only want one thing a solution to their problems. Understand this, and you will always find work.

Look for things other people don’t want to do or can’t do and master them. This will make you more valuable and create a moat around yourself and those around you.

Proof of work, past projects, and created media are all ways to create permissionless leverage. You can do any and/or all of them without asking for permission.

Neither growth nor change is created by asking permission. Both come from asking for forgiveness later.